Why become a sustainable organization?

Sustainable impact

The current way of working leads towards a worrying triple bottom line.
People: 1 out of 6  employees has work-related health issues (Burnoutpoli.com)
Planet: 9 out of  10 people breathe polluted air (World Health Organization)
Profit: 3906 organizations went bankrupt in the Netherlands in 2019. Mostly due to a short-run vision.
We implement sustainability to see all three as success criteria and integrate them in all processes, products and services.


Day-to-day operations are dominated by the fear of not making enough profit, not selling enough, or not fulfilling standards. Leading by fear is not a fulfilling or durable way of working. Curiosity on the other hand improves engagement and collaboration. Curious people make better choices, improve their company’s performance, and help their company adapt to uncertain market conditions and external pressures (Harvard Business Review) and is also a durable force for a sustainable business

A dashboard for everyone

Our companies are run by numbers. But let’s be serious just 20% of the employees understands how these numbers influence the company, it’s services and the employees. In order to empower employees to create pro-active change in line with the companies strategy it is important to connect people and data. Therefore we visualize, engage and restructure data in such a way that everyone can connect on the same goals and numbers. From the factory worker to the CEO. Everyone will be empowered by one single source of truth.

What is a sustainable organization?

A sustainable organization is an organization that is doing the best they can to have a positive impact on all three dimensions of the triple bottom  line: people, planet & profit. A sustainable organization takes all costs into account: pressure on their employees, impact on the environment, well-being of all their stakeholders – clients, employees and society. 

Decision-making within a sustainable organization is balanced. We know that being a profitable organization is the basis for organizational existence. However, sustainable organizations are motivated by their purpose. It stands for something bigger than their products and services. It goes beyond creating profit. It is doing business for good.

What European companies, who already implemented sustainable business practices, say:


increased operational performance driven by sustainability


increase in revenue driven by sustainability

Why care for sustainability?


has work-related health issues


of citizens are concerned about business' impact on the environment


of companies goes bankrupt due to short-run vision

Are you ready to move towards sustainable impact?

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