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How can you prepare for CSRD?

The European Commission introduces a new regulation: the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Many organizations struggle with the implementation process. Move to Impact offers several tools and consulting services to implement the CSRD requirements in your organization.

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Everything You Need to Know about the CSRD

Organizations that have specific criteria must comply with the rules and regulations of the CSRD. But what is the CSRD? And what are the main guidelines of this directive?

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Tools & Templates for Preparing for CSRD

Automated Materiality Analysis

Doing a materiality analysis consist of interaction with your stakeholders. Deciding what to ask them, setting up a survey, collecting responses and analyzing data takes a lot of time. Save time and effort with the Automated Materiality Analysis from Move to Impact. The combination of a tool and survey report that are completely automated and standardized based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. 

Interactive Impact dashboard

Start measuring and communicating the impact of your organization with help of an interactive impact dashboard. A set of workshops and some development time will lead towards a custom impact dashboard that shows the impact on financial, social and ecological level.


Want to to learn more about CSRD?

By offering multiple training sessions, we aim to make the implemantation of CSRD accessible and inclusive to everyone. Whether you’re a CSR manager, an auditor, or just starting your journey in this field, we have a training session that will help you build the skills and knowledge you need to make a positive impact.

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