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Strategic objectives translated into KPIs


Visualization of sustainable organizational mission & vision

Sustainability monitoring dashboard

Our services

Sustainability & Change Culture Assessments

  • Sustainability assessment on organizational progress concerning the Triple Bottom Line (People. Planet, Profit)
  • Assessment on organizational change culture
  • Analysis of effect governmental sustainability regulations

Sustainability & Strategy Consulting

  • Sustainability strategy Design Thinking workshops to connect different stakeholders
  • Defining strategic sustainability objectives
  • Translation of strategic objectives into key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identification of most suitable Sustainability Certification
    (Future Fit, B-corp, Planet Mark)

Visual Sustainability Monitoring Dashboard

  • Visualization of the strategic mission & vision
  • Strategic objectives translated into a KPI monitoring dashboard
  • Dashboard connecting data from People (HR, Supply Chain, Marketing), Planet (Sustainability & CSR) & Profit (Finance/Sales)
  • Connect and empower People & Data

Integration of Curiosity

  • Incorporation of sustainability in daily business
  • Stimulate a positive, practical and proactive change culture
  • Triggering curiosity about how successful the organization is on the three aspects of the Triple Bottom line
  • Train-the-trainer to independently guide the journey towards a sustainable organization

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