Sustainability Assessment


Get assessed by the consultants of Move to Impact. The consultants will do research on the organization via a survey and conduct an interview with key players in the organization. You will receive a presentation with their findings and recommendations on the organization and its financial, social and ecological impact.

Sustainability & Change Culture Assessments

  • Sustainability assessment on organizational progress concerning the Triple Bottom Line (People. Planet, Profit)
  • Assessment on organizational change culture
  • Analysis of effect governmental sustainability regulations

Get assessed by our professional consultants


How does your organization score on the different sustainability levels? Is there a focus on the financial, social and ecological impact your organization has? It is important to know what your impact is, to determine which steps your organization needs to take, to be able to call itself sustainable. Move to Impact can help with this!
How does your organization score on the different aspects of People, Planet & Profit? The consultants of Move to Impact will research this for the organization by conducting interviews with certain key players within the organization. Before the key players are interviewed the projectlead is asked to fill in a survey, which causes us to deepdive further into the questions.

The assessment questions cover subjects as:
• The organization in general
• The change culture
• Data-driven organization
• Activities with financial, social and environmental impact

A presentation is prepared based on the answers given. This presentation contains general findings and recommendations. The recommendations are given based on the "stop, start, continue" method. What should you as an organization stop doing; what could you start with, and what would you best continue with?

When the Sustainability Assessment is presented, you know where the organization stands and which steps to take to become an organization with even more positive impact.



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