Interactive Impact Dashboard

Start measuring and communicating the impact of your organization with help of an interactive impact dashboard. A set of workshops and some development time will lead towards a custom impact dashboard that shows the impact on financial, social and ecological level.

What is an Impact dashboard?

An Impact Dashboard is an automated report that allows you to track, visualize, and share your impact with your stakeholders – both internal & external.

The dashboard shows KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) on different aspects: social, environmental and financial. The KPI’s on the impact dashboard show the progress on goals and objectives of the company on social, environmental and financial level in one overview.

Steps to get to the interactive Impact dashboard


Impact strategy workshop

  • Sustainability strategy Design Thinking workshops to define impact on social, ecological and financial level
  • Connect different stakeholders
  • Defining strategic sustainability objectives

Define Impact KPI’s

  • Translation of strategic objectives into key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identify measurement methodes

Interactive Impact Dashboard development

  • Visualization of the strategic mission & vision
  • Strategic objectives translated into a KPI Impact monitoring dashboard
  • Dashboard connecting data from People (HR, Supply Chain, Marketing), Planet (Sustainability & CSR) & Profit (Finance/Sales)
  • Connect and empower People & Data

Communicate your impact with an interactive Impact dashboard

Sustainable impact

Want to start measuring and communicating your impact?

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