B Corp Score Tracker

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The B Corp Score tracker makes it possible to see the progress on the B Impact Assessment score over a period of time. The tool visualizes the progress of the total BIA score, progress of the score per Impact Area and an overview of the questions that have been changed since the start of the subscription. Finally you will be able to show the progress you have been making on the B Impact Assessment.

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What is the B Corp Score tracker?

B Corp score tracker

The B Corp Score Tracker is a tool in which you can see the progress of the number of points in the B Impact Assessment over time. You gain insight into the history of the points classification. On a general level, but also per Impact Area.

You will not only see the progress on the points by impact area, but also which questions have caused a change in points since the last update. This way you can check over a period of time which changes have been made.

B Corp Score tracker

Measure & communicate your progress

B Corp Score tracker

How does the B Corp Score Tracker work?

You subscribe to the B Corp Score Tracker for a specific period. During this period, you will receive a monthly notification to download your (B Impact Assessment) BIA data and share it with us. We will add your BIA data in the database for your organization.

From that moment on, the latest status has been added in the B Corp Score Tracker.

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40,00 / month

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