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Our Impact dashboard

On our impact dashboard above you can see our company impacts on a social, ecological, and financial level. The data and KPIs shown on this dashboard are a first overview and what we think is interesting to see.

Behind the scenes we have extended policies and ways of working formulated, so that our culture and business operations are as sustainable as possible. We are working hard to make all our data on positive and negative influence transparent and communicated, such as through our dashboard published here.

In general, our approach is to reduce as much as possible and choose sustainable service providers.

B Corp

We are an Impact Consultancy,

and we are also proud to call ourselves B Corp certified.

In order to take you along on our own Impact journey, we share our impactful events. We are always working on our timeline of past actions and future plans. To increase our positive impact and improve our B Corp score. We want to be the leading example.

Want to see how we scored on the B Impact Assessment? Look at our public B Corp profile on the B Corp website.

The Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, and Profit) as a Digital Impact Consultancy



In order to make sure that we are contributing – next to our consulting services – to a positive development in this sector, we identified critical social aspects we are going to support and are connected to us as female entrepreneurs & consultants:

– Coaching for girls that want to become entrepreneurs

– Personal Development, Mental health & happiness for all members Move to Impact



Next to the social aspect, we are going to support the following ecological developments:

– Reduction of CO2

– Reduction of technological waste

– Support of responsible & sustainable sourcing of metals and crystals for the production of technological products



Our financial sustainable growth is important since the mindset of constant exponential growth is not healthy for business, employees and the world we live in. Therefore we set ourselves the financial criteria:

– financial growth trough scalable tools, that smart and easy to handle for business in order to synchronize and optimize data usage in a practical way

All these aspects are still in the draft version and we are working on them as stated above.

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