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Our world, our needs, and the market are changing constantly. As a business, it is overwhelming to stay on top of these challenges. Move to Impact supports you in creating, structure, and overview in a data-driven and visual way. Together we create a structure, vision, and combine data to guide your organization and enable your employees to support you in this transition to create a sustainable impact.

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Sustainability Assessment

Get assessed by the consultants of Move to Impact. The consultants will do research on the organization via a survey and conduct an interview with key players in the organization. You will receive a presentation with their findings and recommendations on the organization and its financial, social and ecological impact.

Sustainability Strategy & KPIs

Start your sustainability journey the right way! Get consulting on how to make your vision & strategy sustainable on a social, ecological, and financial level. Since setting the scene is not enough, we are translating the objective towards measurable KPIs.

Impact Performance measurement

How to collect the data that is needed to monitor the sustainability KPIs? How to make sure all stakeholders are involved? Move to Impact helps your organization in setting up measurement methods, data collection processes and stakeholder involvement.

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Starting with Integrated Reporting

Start reporting about the impact of your organization in an integrated manner. A set of workshops and some interactive dashboard development time will lead towards an integrated report that reports on financial, social and ecological level.

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