CSRD QuickScan

Find out how prepared your company is for reporting in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Time Commitment: Half a day for data collection (results in 1 week)

Results: Qualitative and quantitative feedback on your CSRD readiness, along with next steps


About the CSRD QuickScan

Welcome to our CSRD QuickScan process, a comprehensive assessment designed to gauge your company’s readiness for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). CSRD is right around the corner, so ensuring compliance with CSRD is necessary. Our program offers tailored interviews across key departments and a thorough analysis of your current sustainability initiatives. Gain insights from our CSRD experts, understand your position, and receive a roadmap to seamless CSRD implementation. Let’s embark on this journey towards a more transparent and sustainable future for your business! 

About Move to Impact

Move to Impact was founded to empower companies to formalize their sustainability practices. Founders Skadi and Amber created the company to find the middle ground between sustainability and data. Operating in pursuit of the triple bottom line, Move to Impact helps companies find unique solutions to their sustainability efforts. The firm offers a variety of products and services to support businesses, ranging from personalized sustainability consulting efforts to automated data tracking tools. Most recently, the team has developed this CSRD preparation program based on their expertise in assisting companies with their CSRD implementation.  

Our Expertise

Here at Move to Impact, we understand what is just around the corner. CSRD is quickly approaching, and we want to ensure that you are fully prepared. Since our conception, we have stayed ahead of the curve on all things sustainability reporting.

Armed with our previous knowledge and experience in the sustainability and tech fields respectively, transitioning to CSRD-related products and services was the next logical step for us. After researching and putting into practice CSRD initiatives of our own, as well as for our clients, we are ready to share what we have learned.  

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How ready are you for CSRD?

How we assess your CSRD readiness:

1. CSRD Introduction Training

To determine how ready your company is for CSRD, first the managers must understand what CSRD is and what this process entails for the different departments.


2. Department Interviews

Each department must be assessed to get a full understanding of a company’s CSRD readiness. We plan to speak with department heads from Finance and Reporting, HR, IT/Data, and Sustianability. Department heads will complete the survey provided and are interviewed by one of our CSRD experts to understand where the department stands.  

3. Data Results

Within a week, we will send you an email providing you with both qualitative and quantitative data based on the surveys with each department.  See the video below to preview our feedback.


4. Summary Call

During the call, we will let you know where you stand in terms of overall readiness, and approach how to begin the CSRD process.

Now it’s time to get started!

We will send you your completed results and adjusted proposal for your next steps to start the CSRD implementation process.

New to CSRD? No problem!

During the 1-hour CSRD Introduction Training, we will cover:  

  • CSRD and why it is here to stay?  
  • What is the ESRS?  
  • How to implement CSRD in 8 Phases?  
  • What is a Double Materiality Analysis?  
  • Example Timeline
  • Questions and Answers

As a part of the CSRD QuickScan, we start the process with a CSRD Introduction Training session. To determine how ready your company is for CSRD, the managers must understand what CSRD is and what the process entails for the different departments. Therefore, we will train you on our 8 Phases to CSRD compliance. The Managers included in the interviews are asked to join this meeting to have a good introduction and background of why they got the survey and what we will talk about during the interviews. 

Who is involved?

CSRD reporting

HR and Supply Chain

An important part of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards deal with the way in which your business is conducted. With the knowledge from these departments, we can see how their efforts fit into the CSRD process.

Reporting template


In order to be able to accurately report on sustainability efforts, we need to understand where your company currently stands when it comes to their sustainability initiatives thus far.  

Get stakeholders on board

Data and IT

Keeping track of the data necessary for CSRD is not an easy task. We need to know whether your IT department will be able to keep up with the new CSRD implementation.

CSRD reporting

Finance and Reporting

In the same way that your company has been reporting their financial progress each year, you must now do the same for sustainability. Understanding the way in which this department functions can help us understand how easily CSRD can be implemented into your existing process.  

Collaboration is Key



We created a survey based on the CSRD reporting requirements and challenges our clients have faced during the implementation process.  

Topics that we will ask about are questions about in the survey, for example:   

  • Targets 
  • Data/reporting/ automatization 
  • Capacity 
  • Policies  
Sitting conversation


After that we have a better understanding of the general readiness of the different departments. In the survey, every department will receive some general questions and specific questions for their department.  

During the interview, we will talk for example about the following topics:  

  • Clarification of answers in survey 
  • Existing projects 
  • Standard processes 
  • Strategy 

Learning Where to Start

After all interviews have been conducted, you will receive a data driven (quantitative) result overview and explanation of first impressions of risks and opportunities per department (qualitative). Furthermore, we will plan a call together where we will explain the results per department. We will also give you a general impression on the readiness for CSRD of your organization and where you best can start your preparations (and adjust if necessary, in your eyes).  

In the end, you will receive all results together and a project plan in months and steps on how you can start the CSRD implementation process.   

Prepare for CSRD

CSRD QuickScan

CSRD training

Schedule a demo!

What are you waiting for? Explore the next step to become CSRD compliant!





More CSRD Tools

Materiality report

Automated Double Materiality Analysis

Doing a materiality analysis consist of interaction with your stakeholders. Deciding what to ask them, setting up a survey, collecting responses and analyzing data takes a lot of time. Save time and effort with the Automated Materiality Analysis from Move to Impact. The combination of a tool and survey report that are completely automated and standardized based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. 

CSRD platform

Virtual CSRD Consultant

The Virtual CSRD Consultant guides you through the complex CSRD process. It’s a step-by step digital program that is educational and supports you and your team with a clear structure, practical tools, unique data driven tools, templates, and suggested actions to become compliant to CSRD. 

Impact dashboard

Impact Dashboard

Start measuring and communicating the impact of your organization with help of an interactive impact dashboard. A set of workshops and some development time will lead towards a custom impact dashboard that shows the impact on financial, social and ecological level.

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