How To Become A CSRD Implementation Expert?

Explore the world of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and discover how to become a CSRD implementation expert. Gain insights into the intricacies of CSRD practices, aligning corporate values with social objectives, and managing every step of the process for your company or client.

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What was discussed during the webinar?


We discussed:

  • General info about CSRD
  • The 8 phases of integrating CSRD
  • Different tools that can help you with CSRD compliance
  • The CSRD Implementation Manager Certification Program
  • Q&A session: Questions answered by our CSRD expert during the live session.

Watch the recording of this exclusive webinar that lets you in on the fastest way to learn how to successfully implement CSRD in a company. Gain valuable insights into efficiently guiding an organization through this intricate process from CSRD expert Skadi Mobius. In this webinar, you’ll not only receive comprehensive information about following a CSRD implementation manager certification program but also discover the key skills and knowledge needed to comprehensively understand, measure, communicate, report on, and ultimately become a recognized authority in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Development.

If you aspire to be proficient in implementing CSRD within a corporate setting and have a background in business, sustainability, or change management, then this webinar is for you: It will equip you with the expertise necessary to make a meaningful impact!

CSRD Webinar | How to Become a CSRD Implementation Expert?

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