How to measure and communicate impact


Introduction video

Video 1: Steps to become a sustainable organization

– Inform

– Measure 

– Reduce 

– Compensate

Video 2: Measure your Mission

By measuring your mission you reclaim the positive impact your organization tried to make in the first place. See how you can transform your mission to measurable steps. 

Video 3: Impact with Strategic & Tactical Goals

Employees and management only can support a vision and strategy when they are broken down in strategic and tactical goals and measurements.

Video 4: Sustainability is no project

Projects only costs money and don’t really change much in the organization since there is no responsibility and organization wide engagement. Check out this video to actually see which actions help.

Video 5: Know your current situation

It is a big struggle to know how and where to start your sustainability journey. We broke this complicated beginning part down in a couple of actions. Have a look.

Video 6: What is sustainability data? 

Organizations underestimate what data they already have. We show you some ways in how you can use your current data and make them data that supports you ion your sustainability journey.

Video 7: Avoid Accidentally Greenwashing

When you are on your sustainability journey you also can trap into the green washing trap. Be careful to communicate about the context and the general journey of your company. See more tips in the the video 

Video 8: Short-term wins in Sustainability

C- level management often thinks they just have to hire a sustainability manager to make the organization sustainable. Have a look how you are actually setting up your sustainability manager for success instead of failure.

Video 9: Communicate your Impact 

…upload coming soon

Video 10: Governmental Trends & Regulations Part 1 – Summary COP 26

Video 10: Governmental Trends & Regulations Part 2: Integrated Reporting

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