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Welcome to Move to Impact’s free downloads page! Browse through a variety of valuable resources such as our whitepapers, templates and cheat sheets to help you on your sustainability journey. Our content covers topics like general CSRD information, the materiality analysis and becoming a B corp. Simply browse, choose, and download for free. We hope our resources empower you to make a positive impact.


This whitepaper provides comprehensive information on the Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD) requirements and regulations. This whitepaper covers topics such as the timeline, the benefits and challenges of CSRD reporting, and practical tips for developing and implementing effective CSRD strategies.

whitepaper everything you need to know about csrd

Everything You Need to Know About CSRD

(+ Our Lessons Learned)


This whitepaper on the materiality analysis, an essential part of CSRD, is a comprehensive guide to help your organization identify the most significant environmental, social, and governance issues that are relevant to your operations and stakeholders. This whitepaper provides insights, practical tips and examples on conducting a materiality analysis.

How to do a materiality analysis?

How To Do a Materiality Analysis?

Presentation slides B Corp

B Corp Presentation Slidedeck

6 steps

6 Steps on How to Become a B Corp 

low hanging fruit questions

B Corp Low Hanging Fruit Actions Cheat Sheet


The ‘How to Incorporate the Three P’s (People, Planet, Profit) in Your Organization’ cheatsheet is a practical guide that provides tips and insights on how to integrate social, sustainable and financial principles your company’s strategy.

3P Cheatsheet download

How to Include the 3 Ps (People, Planet, & Profit) in your Organization

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