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How can you become a B Corp?

In order to become a B Corp, an organization needs to go through the B Impact certification process. This is a challenging process. Most organizations don’t know where to start. Luckily we are there to help you move to the B Corp certification. The process becomes easy to understand with help of our structure. Get a clear overview of your next steps with help of our tools and templates.

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Tools & Templates for Becoming a B Corp

B Corp policies template package

Package of templates for policies and code of conducts for the B Corp certification process. Language: English

B Corp Prioritization tool

The B Corp prioritization tool helps you in deciding what is the best next step in your B Corp journey. With the help of the B Corp Prioritization tool you immediately see how you are performing on the B Impact Assessment, which questions you are missing the points and how you score on the “low hanging fruit” questions.

B-Corp Assessment requirements

Booklet with list of B-Corp requirements per Impact Area and actionable checklist.

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Presentation slides B Corp

B Corp Presentation Slides

A standard ready-to-use slide deck with information on the B Corp certification process. This slide deck gives information about the definition of B Corp, the benefits, challenges and certification process.

low hanging fruit questions

B Corp Low Hanging Fruit Actions Cheat Sheet

Booklet with list of easy-to-implement actions that lead towards an increase in B Corp points. Summarized per Impact Area.

6 steps

6 steps on how to become a B Corp white paper

Read everything you need to know in order to become a B Corp in the most efficient way.

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