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Monitoring & connecting sustainable business activities

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Getting everyone on board for your sustainable change process

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Connecting data & people to create a curious & resilient change culture

For Finance, HR & Business Development

Reducing costs & stress by anticipating on government & business regulations

Make your organization successful on all aspects of People, Planet & Profit



A people-oriented organization considers employees, the labor involved in a organization’s work, and the society that is impacted by daily business. Do you know how much your organization benefits society? A successful organization pays fair wages and ensures humane working conditions through the whole supply chain.


A planet-oriented organization tries to reduce it’s negative impact on environmental factors as much as possible. The ecological footprint of this organization is neutral to positive.  Efforts include waste reduction, investments in renewable energy, efficient natural resources management, and eco-friendly logistics.



A profitable business is a prerequisite to stay in business. However, a sustainable business doesn’t just think about profit as their one and only goal. Taking into account the people & planet aspect, may seem to have low return on investment in the beginning. However, in the long-run sustainable organizations are more profitable, due to lower costs and high engagement.


has work-related health issues


of citizens are concerned about business' impact on the environment


of companies goes bankrupt due to short-run vision

How sustainable is your organization?

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Financial focus alone is no longer enough for the average organization.

Be successful on all fronts.

Assess the sustainability of your organization on financial, social and environmental criteria.

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With Move to Impact we want to help organizations gain insight into their impact on an economic, social and environmental level. We will achieve this by setting up a new monitoring tool. Curious about who is going to help your organization with this sustainable transformation?

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