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Steps to become a sustainable organization:

1) Inform

    2) Measure

    3) Reduce

    4) Compensate

    How do we get you started?


    Sustainability Assessment

    • Evaluation of your organizational practices regarding social, ecological & financial aspects
    • Results based on “Stop, Start, Continue” method
    • Baseline prediction
    • Recommendation on gaps & next steps

    Impact Consulting

    • Analyzing strategy, values & KPIs towards financial, social & ecological aspects
    • Advise on relevant sustainability certificates
    • Guidance on sustainability trends & regulations
    • Connecting social & ecological actions with financial goals
    • Setting up new social & ecological goals that fit financial strategy
    • Creation of strategic & tactical goals to implement in daily operation
    • Recommendation on impact measurement

    Practical tools

    Make the first steps towards becoming a sustainable organization as clear as possible with our practical tools:

    Toolbox with free and more tools will be available from 4th of october 2021

    Practical Tools

    Measure & Communicate Impact

    Impact dashboard

    B Corp Prioritization tool

    B Corp prio tool in macbook

    B Corp Score tracker

    B Corp score tracker
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    With Move to Impact we help organizations to gain insight into their impact on an economic, social and environmental level. We do this by offering practical tools that guide you towards your next step in the sustainable journey. Curious about who is going to help your organization with this sustainable transformation?

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